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cPanel & WHM allows hosting providers and users the ability to automate server management tasks while offering your customers the tools they need to manage their sites.



Use cPanel to create mail accounts, autoresponders, and forwarders. You can also utilize cPanel’s account and user-level filtering to help manager your email. Deter spam with Apache, SpamAssassin, BoxTrapper, and even email authentication.


Use cPanel’s security settings to configure password-protected directories, SSL/TLS, IP address denials, and GnuPG Key settings to restrict access. Learn to protect your site with ModSecurity, Leech Protect, and HotLink Protection.


Identifying your site will be easy with the Simple DNS Zone Editor as well as the Advanced Zone Editor. Also, you will be able to set up subdomains, parked domains, addon domains, and redirects all to point visitors in the right direction.


Monitor your sites disk space usage all while editing and backing up files and folders.


Use MySQL and PostgreSQL to limit access and store large amounts of data.


Use Webalizer and AWStats to get a feel for your audience and track your sites performance.

Unlocking the power behind cPanel

The cPanel interface allows your customers to do a multitude of things to manage their sites, intranets, and keep their online properties running smoothly

Capitalize on the capabilities of WHM

The WebHost Manager (WHM) interface has been tailor-made for hosting providers to get the most out of their machines so they can offer the most to their customers